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What’s THE 6IX

The 6IX

Make Rock-Star Sales Pros even BETTER…

How do you get sales done every dayon purposeas a priority… and without distraction.

 Purposeful business development can be tough… but not impossible.

When Dawnna was the founder of a new tech consultancy, she was responsible for business growth.  Dawnna soon found her to-do list filled with non-sales-activities during prime selling hours.  She lost opportunities because she didn’t make sales a priority.

Then Dawnna discovered and followed the simple advice of famed efficiency expert, Ivy Lee:  do the six most important tasks everyday.  

While Lee’s money-making advice worked flawlessly for turn-of-the-century Bethlehem Steel Execs; it had no effects on Dawnna’s 21st century day-to-day distractions: emails, phone calls, and epic memes on social media.

Determined to find a simple way to drive business and not just be busy, Dawnna made significant tweaks to Lee’s advice. Dawnna’s new six simple game-changing daily sales habits transformed her fledging start-up into $250M tech consultancy. Today, sales pros around the world adopt The 6IX simple game-changing daily sales habits to:

  • reach goals faster to become rock-star sales pros
  • deliver triple-digit revenue increases in a single year
  • annihilate sales goals
  • and transform B-Players into A-Player selling machines

Are you ready to discover THE 6IX?

Meet the Creator of The 6IX


Dawnna’s a jet-fueled
power pack of
performance acceleration
<Writer’s Digest, Dec 2016>

To say that Dawnna St Louis’ life started off rocky would be an understatement.

But instead of letting these challenges hinder her success, they are a core part of what’s fueled her to become a top-selling author, wealthy entrepreneur, coach to top performing sales pros and business leaders, and keynote speaker to the likes of Microsoft, US Federal Courts, Merck, and many others.

In a recent interview, Dawnna recalled living in her car as a teenage girl. “If my life was handed to me on a silver platter, I wouldn’t be as driven.  I wouldn’t be as hungry to discover my purpose,” she said.

Instead of feeling sorry for herself, the author of books such as “YOLO -You Only Live Once… so LIVE” and “6ix Million Dollar Strategies of the Kick Ass Entrepreneur” turned her early life setbacks into a springboard for growth.

My guidance counselor said that I am like a kite. I use adversities and setbacks to rise against the wind.  This has made me obsessed with wanting to help people see that they can do more than they thought possible“, she said.

Dawnna is a serial entrepreneur who founded three multi-million dollar businesses including, BizIntel, a $250M tech consultancy. Today, she travels the globe as international speaker and success coach. Dawnna says, “My job is to help people surprise themselves and motivate them to take fearless action. And to reach goals they once thought were unattainable.

Dawnna lives by three simple rules: Live and let live. Do no harm. And leave things better.

Other items of note:

Star Wars over Star Trek
DC over Marvel (obviously)
Uber over Lyft.

Also, she runs a strict Twizzler household. Red Vines have no place in her home.

And her greatest source of pride is winning the Platinum Medal for the 2016 Sarcasm and Smack Talking Olympic Games held in London.

Oh! And her kids.  Dawnna said she was supposed to say she’s proud of her kids.


8 Q?s.

Real questions. Authentic answers.


What makes you interesting?

What makes you interesting?

As a member of Mensa’s 2%, I have a natural curiosity to want to know more about everything and everyone around me. I tend to hear what’s not said, read what’s not written, see what’s hidden, and then make connections. This ability also gives me a unique perspective.

People usually want to know how everything in their world connects to something greater.


Who is your hero and why?

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is Leonardo da Vinci. Leo knew that everything was connected. And knowledge is nothing without action.  Although not on as grand a scale, my work follows the value of connection and action.

My favorite quote from Leo is: People of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happened to things.


What's your superpower?

What's your superpower?

My superpower (which I use as a crime fighter … see bio) is my ability to see what’s missing.

My favorite place to use this superpower is in Escape Rooms where you only have 60 minutes to get out of a room filled with disconnected puzzles that you must connect to solve a master puzzle and escape. While very difficult, 80%  of the time I lead my team to win on the first try.


What is your weakness?

What is your weakness?

My weakness is my lack of patience with inaction.

Because it is so easy for me to quickly connect the dots, I make decisions fast and take action even faster or as my clients call it… go into BULL MODE. The good news is that it also means that very little flusters me; I can go with the flow.   The negative is that sometimes I can seem impulsive without thinking through all outcomes. Also, because I am already at GO; others could feel left behind.


What’s the nicest thing that people say about you – that’s true?

What’s the nicest thing that people say about you – that’s true?

The nicest thing that people can say about me is that I am really authentic.  I laugh out loud, make lots of jokes, and live life to the fullest I can.

I talk to everyone like we are old friends.  I laugh and joke with complete strangers like we are sitting across from each other drinking a coffee.  I do this whether I’m on stage in front of thousands or … at a coffee shop drinking a caramel macchiato with entirely too much whipped cream.


What is the “not so nice” thing that people say about you – that’s also true?

What is the “not so nice” thing that people say about you – that’s also true?

People might say I am rough around the edges and even a little crass. I can’t deny it.

I am a Tom-Boy in heels and lipstick.  I worked in a male-dominated sales and tech environment.  I learned not to mince words. To get straight to the point. Unfortunately, sometimes I deliver like a sledge hammer when a scalpel is needed.  That’s not always good especially when  people aren’t ready to hear that level of truth.


Biggest win?

Biggest win?

Mike Bentley, a 30+ year sales veteran, led his sales team to achieve triple digit success and put 100% of his team in the Million Dollar Club in one year, in part, by using The 6ix.  Kate Delaney leveraged The 6ix for Entrepreneurs to increase business by 40% in one year. John Peragine has more than tripled his income in 3 years using The 6ix.

My biggest win is realizing my dream to travel the world; a dream only realized by giving people the means and guidance to live theirs.


What is your secret?

What is your secret?

I eat my own dog-food.

Following the 6ix, using an accountability group, and having a paid coach are just a few actions that I suggest others take. I take all of these actions… and not perfectly (my coach will attest to that).

By eating my own dog-food, I know exactly what works, what doesn’t, and how to tweak the recipe so it won’t taste so bad next time around.



Stuff Dawnna Says.


Rock-Star Sales.

Monster Sales. Deeper Pockets.

THE 6IX Game-Changing Habits that Make Rock-Star Sales Pros Even Better

Have you ever seen a rock star sales pro? Their trophy case is full. They’re always at the top of the leaderboard. And they struggle to fit all their accolades on a two page resume’. Ever wish you were that kind of power player?

You can copy all the tactics. You can duplicate the strategies. But until you can think bigger and take bigger actions – you’ll just be another wannabe.

Armed with lessons from her mentor, a 30 year FBI Hostage Negotiation Veteran, and the psychology of influence by Cialdini, Dawnna created game-changing sales strategies and tactics that propelled her from a B-Player to high-powered sales pro.

You too can crush your goals when you discover the:

  • 6 daily deal closing actions that boost sales in 90 days

  • Magic customer quadrant that ties company needs directly to decision-marker’s real frustrations

  • 5 ways to identify your ideal prospect so you waste less time on See-Mores (tire-kickers who just want to see more information)

  • High-powered sales tips that drive your prospects to give up closely guarded insider information

  • triggers of ethical manipulation tactics (better known as influence on steroids) drives your prospect to take action



Holy Mother of Negotiations

How to pull the strings behind the deal with tactics discovered from an FBI Hostage Negotiator

You’re the closer. You handle the tough deals. Negotiations is in your blood. And while that last deal was good you still feel like there was a little money left on the table.

You only get one shot at a ROI-increasingleaderboard-owningcompetition-crushing negotiation. So just nailing it isn’t an option. You gotta own it.

Armed with lessons from her mentor, a 30 year FBI Hostage Negotiations Veteran, Dawnna created high-powered negotiation strategies that transformed a tech start-up into a $250M boutique consultancy. Imagine what you’re deal-closing resume’ will look like when you know how to pull the strings behind deal.

In this content-rich program, you’ll  close bigger better deals faster when you discover how to:

  • Nail the 3 secrets to negotiations power

  • Sway prospect decisions with decision making triggers that

  • Maximize profits on big money-making deals fast

  • Leave no cash behind with this can’t lose triple threat tactic

  • Beat the odds even when the deck is stacked against you



WTF! Win The Future

What kick-ass winners dare to do, that others don’t

Winners know that you don’t have to practice to be in last place. But to own the leaderboard you must think like a winner; Act like a winner; And want to take the winning shot at the buzzer… even if it misses.

This winner’s mindset propelled Dawnna from homeless teenager to founder/COO of a $250M tech consultancy.  Discover what it takes to compete with the best and win the future when you don’t have the pedigree, the blueprint, or the education.

In this hilarious rollercoaster ride, Dawnna will take you on the journey that led to her unlikely success. So strap in, hold on, and discover how to:

  • 3 hacks that increase your chances of winning

  • Break the bank with 6ix daily high-performance habits

  • Stay hungry even when your trophy case overflows

  • Eradicate blindspots that are blindsiding your success

  • Win the game with the four laws of a winner’s mindset



Expert Persuasion. Epic Influence.

Master the art of persuasive influence using FBI Hostage Negotiation tactics

Ever need to get people moving in the same direction?  Whether you have to get buy-in. Or influence teams. Or just make magic happen so stuff can get done, then you need Darth Vader-like influence without all the dark side stuff.

Don’t worry… you wont need a light saber
(… just kidding… you can have a light saber.).

As the persuasion guru in her own $250M tech consultancy, Dawnna’s mentor – a 30 year FBI Hostage Negotiation veteran – taught her the art of “ethical manipulation” used to influence even the toughest naysayer. Yeah… even that guy.

In this irreverently funny and content-rich program you will discover:

  • How to avoid that one mistake we’ve all been taught to make

  • 7 triggers that woo your target to want to take action

  • How to transform adversaries into big-idea advocates

  • 5 tactics to get insider secrets they said they’d never share

  • Irresistible messaging strategies that trigger action


Biz Growth.

6ix Kick-Ass Strategies of the Million Dollar Entrepreneur

THE 6IX Game-Changing Strategies, Habits, and Partnerships that Transforms Your Simple Ideas into a Successful Business

This program will not instantly transform you into a wealthy entrepreneur. You will not suddenly be endowed with the sorcery required to pull a rabbit out of a hat. There is no magic here.

You will, however, discover the six strategies of very successful entrepreneurs who started, built, ran, grew, and duplicated business success.

In this eye-opening program, based on her book – 6ix Kick-Ass Strategies of the Million-Dollar Entrepreneur – Dawnna will share how the business blueprint, the Daily 6ix, and the weekly mastermind transformed a crazy kitchen table idea into a multi-million dollar powerhouse. And how you can use her 6ix Kick-Ass Strategies build a lifestyle business without breaking the bank.

In this high-content mind-blowing session you will discover how to:

  • Eradicate blindspots that are blindsiding your success

  • 3 actions to a rock-hard and un-breakable business core
  • Exploit money-making gaps that your competitors ignore
  • How to avoid the top 5 most common business mistakes

  • Exponentially grow your business in the next 90 days




2016 was an epic year and 2017 is quickly catching up. Check out these stats.

One word…

Dawnna said, “It’s simple. I dare you to just change this one word.”

So after her “Art of Ethical Manipulation” keynote I headed to my vendor booth to try this one word stuff!

That one word improved the quality of every conversation. Suddenly I had insights into who wanted to buy and why; versus who was just trolling for candy. With one word ROI was delivered.

Mark Hazelton – Sales Lead Deutsch Accounting Group
CIMA Conference – 2017 – London, England




Happy Clients brag to future Happy Clients. Dawnna’s happy clients have plenty to brag about.

“Your tangible strategies and actionable tactics were a huge hit. Your presentation was rated excellent! The attendees loved it.”

Kris Lucero
CIO Forum 2016

“Dawnna’s unique way of looking at being different not just better has created a buzz with my team. They all have embraced the Daily 6ix which has had an immediate impact. We focus on the ‘Money Maker’ tasks first and then close bigger deals with her easy-to-implement negotiation strategies.”

Sr. Sales Director of Deep Blue Communications

“Whoda thunk that THE 6IX could make me so damned productive. Thanks Dawnna! Favorite quote: BOOM! That’s the sound big dogs make when they enter
the room!”

J. Winters
BMC 2015




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