I couldn't wait to apply the lessons from Dawnna's program. Her keynote content is exciting, engaging, and practical. Weeks later and our attendees are still raving about Dawnna's delivery in Egypt.
Amin Sorour
Amin Sorour
MSA University / Organizational Development Conference Chair


  • You have a goal to reach, but you can't seem to get others to buy-in ...
  • You have a presentation to give, but you know that guy (or woman) is going to be a hurdle...
  • You feel like there has to be a better way than just saying DO IT MY WAY OR ELSE to get your point across...
  • You aren't afraid of hard work, but you hate the extra time you've wasted convincing others...
  • You're looking for a fool-proof and fast way to influence others quickly.

Then you're in the right place!

Keep reading and get ready to discover The 7 Secret Triggers to YES.

Irresistibly Influential

You can influence just about anyone to do just about anything... in sales, leadership, and anywhere a little extra nudge is needed.

Logic justifies our decisions, but emotions drive them.  We feel compelled to act - sometimes impulsively and other times rationally.  Regardless of why we act, there are 7 triggers that secretly move us from no to maybe to absolutely.

What if you could identify those triggers in others and influence them into action?  You would gain an advantage in almost every situation. Your ideas would be taken more seriously; decisions would sway in your direction; and with just a few well-placed words, your colleagues would be motivated into action.

When you know the secret behind the 7 Triggers to Yes leveraging influence is easier than ever.


For Leaders

The best leaders can successfully influence up, down and across the organization, impacting business results by driving behavior change. Whether you're leading a new team or you've been at it for a bit, with The 7 Secret Triggers to Yes you will change the game when you:

  • Quickly influence others by recognizing what makes them tick and how to leverage that to your advantage.
  • Become the recognized and trusted advisor who communicates solutions without sounding overbearing or like a know-it-all
  • Get better results from a team who feels more engaged by you and driven towards goals


For Sales Pros

The ability to influence the sale, can quite literally transform your numbers. Considering that many decisions are based on someone's gut and then justified in logic, pressing the right buttons will sway decisions your direction.  With the 7 Secret Triggers to Yes you will:

  • Turn your prospect into a customer and advocate that wants to buy and promote your products
  • Use the Next Best Question for higher levels of engagement and easier influence
  • Close more deals faster when you can speak to the frustration behind the frustration and discover the personal win the decision-maker really wants

For Influencers

When you're already an influencer, upping your game can seem almost impossible.  But even the top influencers in marketing, motivating, and copywriting - who move people so naturally - run into a challenging person or two.  Discover how to get even the toughest critic on board.  With the 7 Secret Triggers to Yes you will:

  • Uncover the hidden triggers that you can use to influence just about anyone to do just about anything.
  • Leverage the Next Best Question to uncover what really makes them tick
  • Speak the language of your target so you can get them on board faster than ever


I've been in sales for over 30 years. And while many experts make promises that don't deliver, Dawnna over-delivers on her promises. The 7 Triggers are BRILLIANT! My sales team uses them to profile prospects, speak their language, and close more deals. It works!
Michael Bentley
Michael Bentley
Sr Director of Sales, DB Communications
Fun, engaging, authentic, and interactive. We've worked with Dawnna for 3 years straight. She motivates you, educates you, and gives you easy-to-use tools so you can achieve strategic wins quickly. BRILLIANT!
Barbara Garrido
Barbara Garrido

Why Dawnna is Your Keynote Speaker



From the smile to the handshake (or hug); you feel an instant connection when Dawnna enters the room.


Ever meet that person and feel like you've known them forever? That was Dawnna.

Forward Thinking

You benefit from over 25 years of business building experience and over 10 years of transforming entrepreneurs into millionaires.


You are a part of the keynote experience when Dawnna uses audience interaction to drive home a point.

Cutting Edge

You feel like you're in a private conversation with that crazy friend from college who makes you laugh... while she's changing your life.

Provocatively Motivating

This isn't your grandmas keynote speech or speaker. Dawnna keeps it real, challenges your perspective, and drives you to think and act differently now.