Dear Dude who called me a BITCH (as well as other very disparaging statements) during our conference call last Friday when you thought you muted the line:

Outspoken. Filterless. Opinionated. Brilliant. Team-builder. Leader-whisperer. Straight-Forward. Those And several other terms have been stamped behind my name as if they were the initials from earned degrees. But BITCH has never been one of those until now. And just for you, I plan to earn it.

Hopefully, by the end of this letter you’ll see how I did just that.

You asked your colleagues several questions about me. I gather it is because you lacked the courage to ask them yourself. Don’t be embarrassed. I have met many people that find powerful women in business who negotiate their value, like me, to be intimidating.

I wanted to take a moment and answer your most pressing questions.

You wanted to know, “Who the hell does she think she is to demand those types of fees?” Well, to answer your question:

I am Dawnna St Louis – A former COO and founder of an international business intelligence company that operated in 25 countries with 125 employees. I am a Certified PMP that ran Enterprise Global Projects, CEO of the Platform Experts, three time top selling author, presentation coach to top executives and athletes around the world, one the best Keynote and Breakout speakers to ever stand on a platform, and brilliant STEM practitioner. Today, I work with organizations to harness the power of people to improve business performance.

You also asked, “Is this bitch going to blow me for these fees?”

I am not really sure what you throw in your contracts as bonuses, but that’s not a bonus I put in mine.

For those fees, however, you get ROI. Your leaders are taking direct steps that impact your organizations ability to turn ideas into dollars. People have chiseled boulders into wheels and put men on the moon. Business is about harnessing the power of people; from external customers to leaders in the C-Suite. But your team, with your leadership, is taking specific steps everyday to stop this from happening. These actions are impacting your bottom line.

I deliver the knowledge and skills to spawn innovation that erases the competition; step-by-step actions that transform ideas into dollars; and ways to gain radical results from minimal change. All of this is measured, tweaked, and implemented to exceed the ROI you want.

Finally, you said, “That there was no way in hell that you would ever hire me for that rate.”

Of all the statements that you made, this was the truest. This morning your CEO and I had a fantastic conversation. He was excited to work together. He extended the contract beyond the keynote to include “Train the Trainer” and “Executive Presentation/Speaking Training” for three times the amount initially suggested. And while I was looking forward to meeting you in person, turns out that you will never be privileged to be in my presence.

Something about your negative attitude, lack of strong leadership, and a change in direction was mentioned.

It seems your organization is already headed in the right direction.

PS – I always like to leave people with great take-aways. Here is one for you. The mute button is usually a microphone or speaker with the circle and slash through it. Press it, test it, then when you are sure it is working – speak.


Let’s cut to the chase. Dawnna is a breakthrough business author and rockstar keynote speaker. She works with organizations that want to harness the power of people to improve business performance. If you’d like her to deliver content like what’s in this article or you just want to see her do thisthen give her a shout.