Provocative. Fun. Motivating.

As an eager participant of the daily rise and grind, Dawnna St Louis brings an authentic and edgy humor to the platform while delivering inspiring and actionable keynotes that drive results.

Dawnna is the perfect balance between engaging and practical; entertaining and results-oriented; fun and impactful.  As an entrepreneurial keynote speaker, five-time top selling author, successful serial entrepreneur, and well respected leader, Dawnna blends down to earth experiences with a magnetic stage presence that draws you in.

From understanding the powerful mindset of successful entrepreneurs to the 7 triggers to yes, Dawnna delivers customized  content-rich keynote programs with engaging stories and practical techniques that drive attendees to increase profits, motivate the masses, and engage on a deeper level.


Harnessing Your Entrepreneurial Fire

Blueprint to building an AMAZING business

From Musk to Branson - entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They see the world differently and chase their vision with passion and courage. They know the rules don't apply to their success story.

Entrepreneurs know that business building is for gladiators.

As a rags-to-riches gladiator in her own right, Dawnna shares her personal expertise launching businesses inside big brands and as a bootstrapping entrepreneur.

You will get a behind the scenes look at how transform your idea into a multi-million dollar business. You will think bigger and discover the secrets of mental toughness. And you will chart your winning course when you access the blueprint that has launched thousands of successful businesses.

Are you the gladiator who risks all to seize opportunity? Then get ready to change the game when you harness your entrepreneurial fire.


My sales meetings went from "the most dreaded activity on the planet" to an event that my team fully participates in. It has even increased teamwork and sales performance! That's how you leverage entrepreneurship in big business.
John Armitosh
John Armitosh

Entrepreneurship is the New Competitor

How Big Businesses Can Leverage Entrepreneurship to Stay Competitive

Back in the day, big business had every advantage. Barriers to entering a market were all but impossible for would-be entrepreneurs to penetrate... especially in major industries.

But that was then.

Today's entrepreneur has access to a global customer base. They can move faster, get closer to customers, and build products cheaper than ever. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs like Lemonade, Uber, and Zani are shaking up industry leaders in insurance, transportation services, and retail. Your next big competitor could be the girl next door.

Is your industry next? Are you ready?

In this content-rich program, Dawnna shares how big businesses can rekindle and harness their own entrepreneurial fire to stay competitive and win.


I couldn't wait to apply the lessons from Dawnna's 6ix Strategies for Entrepreneurial Growth. Her keynote content is exciting, engaging, and practical. Weeks later and our attendees are still raving about Dawnna's delivery in Cairo.
Amin Sorour
Amin Sorour
MSA University / Organizational Development Conference Chair

Irresistibly Influential

Your words, your brand, and your products... absolutely irresistible

Entrepreneurs must have influence.  If they can't convince their prospect that they are worth taking a risk on, they will soon go out of business.

That's why greatest entrepreneurs... the strongest marketing... the best sales pros ALL have one critical factor at the center of their success:

The ability to influence.

Marketing focuses on where customers are. Sales training increases customer engagement.  But where is the formula that tells you WHAT to emphasize and HOW to communicate in a way that actually influences decisions?

You just found it.

The 7 Influential Triggers to Yes make your words, your brands, and your products absolutely irresistible. The formula is straight from science and it works to drive real results in every interaction.

When you discover the 7 Triggers you will quickly have the skills to to be irresistibly influential.


I've been in sales for over 30 years. And while many experts make promises that don't deliver, Dawnna over-delivers on her promises. The 7 Triggers are BRILLIANT! My sales team uses them to profile prospects, speak their language, and close more deals. It works!
Michael Bentley
Michael Bentley
Sr Director of Sales, DB Communications

YOU: The Game-Changer

Harness your unique competitive advantage and be the winner you were born to be

Winners know that you don’t have to practice to be in last place. But to own the leaderboard you must think like a winneract like a winner; and be the one who wants to take the winning shot at the buzzer… even if it misses.

This winning mindset propelled Dawnna from homeless teenager to founder/COO of a $250M tech consultancy.  She discovered that if she did what others wouldn't, she would live how others couldn't.

In this hilarious rollercoaster ride of motivation, you will discover the 7 levels of the game-changing mindset and how you can use it to tap into your personal brand of boldness, embrace change, and harness your unique competitive advantage to own the winners circle.


Fun, engaging, authentic, and interactive. We've worked with Dawnna for 3 years straight. She motivates you, educates you, and gives you easy-to-use tools so you can achieve strategic wins quickly. BRILLIANT!
Barbara Garrido
Barbara Garrido

Why Dawnna is Your Keynote Speaker



From the smile to the handshake (or hug); you feel an instant connection when Dawnna enters the room.


Ever meet that person and feel like you've known them forever? That was Dawnna.

Forward Thinking

You benefit from over 25 years of business building experience and over 10 years of transforming entrepreneurs into millionaires.


You are a part of the keynote experience when Dawnna uses audience interaction to drive home a point.

Cutting Edge

You feel like you're in a private conversation with that crazy friend from college who makes you laugh... while she's changing your life.

Provocatively Motivating

This isn't your grandmas keynote speech or speaker. Dawnna keeps it real, challenges your perspective, and drives you to think and act differently now.