How to Get Your Sales Team to Buy In

Don’t show up and throw up! Get people on board fast by taking it a little slower.


Unless you’re idea puts you in the fetal position you’re not even trying!

How ROCKSTAR MILLIONAIRES bust through the 7-figure ceiling

The one thing that I learned a long time ago is that I had to do what others wouldn’t so I could live how others couldn’t. To be a millionaire, I had to start thinking like one. To reach my goals, I had to plan on exceeding them. But there was one other thing that […]

Available or Accommodating…… the Difference Could Drive Up or Drive Down Your Negotiations

Are you trying to be everything to you customer? Are you working to ensure that they have the type of experience during the sale so that they feel like you are totally there for them at every moment of the day? This may be a critical deal closing mistake. Watch this video and discover why […]

The NEW way to Handle Sales Objections FAST

According to old-school training, there is a list of standard responses to the most common sales objections. Most have to do with solidifying your organizations standing as the right choice. The challenge is that customers are smarter than ever before and come prepared with the same playbook from which you are working. So they already […]

3 Super Secret Sales Negotiation Tips To Close More Business Faster

Wouldn’t in be cool to take your sales negotiations to the next level without using those old fashioned tactics that everyone knows already? Well, check out these 3 new super secret negotiation tactics learned from FBI Hostage Negotiators.

What Highly Productive People Do Everyday to Drive More Business Faster

Highly productive people make it look so simple.  They have clean desks.  Their work is done.  They leave on time.  Their happy. And they have the nerve to annihilate goals as if the bar was set below their feet. And yes… we all envy them. Until we find out that the secret sauce to their […]

3 Laws of the Million Dollar Growth Mindset

The difference between successful people and people striving for success isn’t big. Successful people and the masses have many of the same tactics and strategies. The difference is that successful people use their mindset to transform their tactics and strategies into superpowers. Check out these 3 Laws of the Million Dollar Growth Mindset and be […]

Why My Asset Kicks Your Commodity’s Butt!

We’ve all heard about the great value proposition. You have to define what is important to your customer and why… And then we spend the rest of the time dropping our prices and giving up the goods. Dawnna shares how you can get past the value proposition challenge and get to changing the game.   […]

Ask for the Sale

Many times we hear sales people complain that they don’t get the deal. But more times than not, we find out that they are not doing one critical thing – asking for the sale. Dawnna shares how one artist makes millions and saves thousands by asking for the sale.  

Get Better Market Response

If ever there was a black hole of money and time wasted in business it is marketing. Marketers may say that they can’t give you a quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI) percentage because, blah, blah, blah. All that matters is that you cough up five kajillion dollars for an entry level social media package that […]

15 Ways Speakers Drive Event Planners CRAZY!

Discover what event planners think about speakers when no one is listening.

Funny and Effective Ways to Tell Someone They STINK

Ever know… that guy! You know the one that can set the world on fire with his armpits. Or the girl who can clear out a networking event with her breath. If they’re good people you want to tell them. If not, you want to warn others. Here’s how to have the guts and the glory of telling someone they stink.

Don’t Make These 3 Common Business Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make

Some entrepreneurs have a guardian angel looking out for their success (queue Mark Zuckerberg), while others know that the entrepreneurial struggle is real… really real. So when I discovered 3 really bad foundational business mistakes that most entrepreneurs make, I had to share the fixes. 3 Really Bad Foundational Business Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Hustler?

Before we get started, this has nothing to do with the magazine or ripping people off.  Real hustlers don’t need to take advantage of people. So, what is a hustler? A hustler is a stack-stashing go-getter that works aggressively to turn a vision into reality using cunning and resourcefulness.  They possess their own version of street-smarts […]

Horrible Boss? 5 Signs that You Could Be In Trouble

Horrible bosses are everywhere. Where did they come from? Is it genetic? Here are some answers to help you deal with a horrible boss.

Alpha Female? 9 Traits to Look Out For

At first I wasn’t sure if it was my 5’9″ full-figured frame set atop 6″ heels that gave it away… or that “ya better come at me right” demeanor inherited from the women in my family… But people – especially men at first –  started to recognize it in me the way I recognized it in […]

5 Ways that I Stopped RUINING My Business and Started KILLIN’ IT

The speaking business, as with most entrepreneurial endeavors, can be a fickle chick. You can be totally booked in October by January and then, spend the summer eating Chunky Monkey while eye-guzzling three seasons of The Real Housewives of Some BS County. While my business was doing pretty well (probably better than most) I still wasn’t making […]

5 Signs that FOMO is Secretly Ruining Your Career

That awful feeling of FOMO – fear of missing out – usually pops up when you’re scrolling through your work email and you come across an epic discussion about stuff that you weren’t aware of – even if it has nothing to do with you. In fact you were accidentally cc’d by Elaine in accounting. […]

I Posted As A Man and I Liked It!

I posted as a man and I liked it!

It was totally by accident… at first. But then I kept doing it.

DEBATE: Should Men Censor Their Language In the Presence of Women?

If there were ever two polar opposites, my husband James and I are such.  We debate… until he stops.  LOL! And not always do we come to a conclusion.  So I send it to you, my readers, to chime in. Tonight’s debate – Ear Censoring – Should men censor language in the presence of women?

CRITICAL TENSION: On Which Side of the Divide Would You Thrive?

Imagine for a moment that you were cutting your organization straight down the middle. You’d have operations and innovation.  They guys that keep the lights on everyday versus the dudes that get new and sexy stuff into the market.

The Secret to Purging Lazy Employees and Keeping Great Ones

No matter how you cut it, there are just some people you want to banish from your team.  You know the “come in at 9:05 , leave at 4:55, that’s not my job, and I’m just biding my time” type.

Could You Handle This Kind of Feedback?

“What was I thinking?  After all… I took a risk.  I took off the gloves and put it all on the line. The worst part is that my name wasn’t the only name on the line. I was responsible for the reputation of Paul, the Event Planner who hired me. He took a chance too. But… was it too […]

Great Leaders Don’t Have Followers; They have this.

Leaders are usually defined as people who have a massive line of lemmings attempting to mimic their actions. But great leaders don’t have followers. They have something way more powerful. I learned that on a particularly difficult project. I was asked to lead a project that was already $16M in the hole and 3.5 years […]

Trumps 3-Part Winning Secret Formula! What you can learn from it.

STOP!  Before you keep going know this: I think DT is a bit of a jackass.  He is disrespectful and condescending; especially to women.  I would personally love to take 5 minutes and beat the shit out of him with a stiletto.  This is not a political commentary.  This is really what people can learn […]

Best-Practices: The Two Most Expensive Words In Business

Best-Practices, by definition, are accepted as the most efficient business procedures.   When people open a store they will look up the “best-practices for running a store” and implement them.  While this is a great starting point it is not a good stopping point. The reason?  Best-practices are outdated the moment they are implemented.   The dumbest best-practice […]

An Innovative Way To Turn Event Expenses into Big Profits

My future client was crystal clear, “We want you but we can’t afford you.” “If I only worked with people that could afford me then I wouldn’t be very innovative now would I?”, I laughed. Jessica wanted me to deliver a keynote speech on tangible ways that companies could innovate to the attendees at her […]

Innovate or Die! What every company should learn from UBER

I was standing in front of the New Orleans convention center after an amazing speech.  There were thousands of people leaving the SAGE 2015 Summit and a convoy of taxis were lined up to greet them.  To say that it was hot and humid as hell itself would be a gross underestimation of the outdoor conditions. […]

How to Lead an AGE-OLD BEST PRACTICE into the New Millennium

Your current process works. It’s seamless.  It’s a best practice. And it’s as stale as those two-day-old donuts sitting on the conference room table. When the same-old same-old doesn’t have the flavor you’re looking for it’s time to flip the script and try something different. The easiest way to freshen up those old processes is […]

What innovation REALLY is.

When it comes to innovation, Seth Godin talks about collecting dots. Richard Branson touts connecting dots. And Steve Jobs said “Let the dots fall where they may”. If you take a look a the top innovative thinkers of our time you might think that the point of innovation is just pointillism or maybe even a […]

RETURN on INNOVATION: How to Pick the Best Idea 4 Steps

My friend Kevin hired me last year to “get the ideas”. “They are in my team’s head but they are not sharing them. I want you to coax them out”, he said. I leveraged my power of persuasion from the stage and within 10 minutes we had captured over 100 market-cornering ideas that would change […]

Stop Innovating! We’re losing jobs!

“Change is slowing us down”, said Amanda from the third row of my 2000 person keynote.  “It’s working!  Why do we have to fix something that ain’t  broke! Stop innovating.” Her words echoed a sentiment that I hear in the hallways of corporate America as a new project is about to breech an age-old process. […]

Leadership Hack: Humility During Success

YEAH! I rocked it! WOOT WOOT! It was all me baby. In a world of greatness, it is obvious and has been proclaimed that I am the greatest! All others bow down. Oh… and thanks to the little people for your support. That’s what it sounded like in my head when a really tough project, […]

Leadership Hack: KUDOS that ROCK in 5 Steps

Most leaders spend an hour telling someone how much they messed up and only a minute telling them that they did great job . Or they try to slide by with a pat on the back and say something really weak like: “Good job Leslie” “Great job Bob” “That was impressive” Non-specific one-liner feedback is […]

Leaders… What if the experts are wrong?

I have followers on Twitter and I’m pretty sure that they don’t think I am their leader. In fact I think if I commanded them to retweet my latest post, most of them would tell me to kick rocks. But, according to Webster’s a leader is someone who commands or causes others to follow. While […]

VISION STATEMENT – Nail It In 4 Simple Steps

The Vision Statement is probably one of the most butchered statements in corporate. Most times they are too long, too vague, and simply unclear. The reason is that executives have no idea why they need a Vision Statement – other than everyone else has one – or what to do with one after they have […]

MURDER BOARDS – Turn Radical Ideas into Big Profits

It was my first week on the job and my boss asked me what I would change from processes to people to technology. There was no way I was going to tell him what I really thought during my first week and be labeled as the team “know it all”. But, companies are desperate to […]

Talk to People Who Aren’t There. Pick CRAZY IDEAS that lead to PROFITS

Great ideas usually fall from the lips of someone who sounds like they need a padded room, three signatures, and lots of lithium…. lots. Great ideas never sound sane like this: I would like to speak into this device and have someone on the other end hear me. Then I would like them to be […]

Got A Team SLACKER? – How to Dump ‘Em 7 Steps

Kathy needed to go! Besides the fact that she was one of those women that chose to shed tears every time I asked for a status update, Kathy was also the person that was a negative force on the project. She constantly told her team how the project would fail and put roadblocks in the […]

7 Steps To Be SUPER UNPRODUCTIVE – YES! Even You Can Be A Slacker

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and knew you had a bunch of stuff to get done but no plan to actually do it? Then you are on the right track to being super unproductive. This article will give you the 7 tips you need to fulfill your journey with the least amount […]

LIFE HACK 1.0 – Confidence: Get It When You Ain’t Got It

“I’m not afraid of heights or falling. But that ‘sudden stop’ freaks me the hell out!” Those were my last words before rejecting the skydiving gift from a client several years ago. Initially I laughed it off. But it bugged me that I wouldn’t even consider something that many other people have done successfully countless […]

An open letter to the guy that labeled me: BITCH

Dear Dude who called me a BITCH (as well as other very disparaging statements) during our conference call last Friday when you thought you muted the line: Outspoken. Filterless. Opinionated. Brilliant. Team-builder. Leader-whisperer. Straight-Forward. Those And several other terms have been stamped behind my name as if they were the initials from earned degrees. But […]


Have you ever read an article and found yourself dozing off after “Have you ever…”? It seems like some people are writing just to write. Like there’s a social media contest to put the most stuff on the internet. But truly, you are way more interesting and brilliant than that – after all you are […]

GOAL GETTING – The 90 Day Challenge

GOAL GETTING – The 90 Day Challenge [tds-dropcap red]Y[/tds-dropcap]eah.  Yeah.  You’re thinking, “Wow!  Dawnna is late as hell.  Goal Setting starts in January!” You’re right.  Most people usually set goals on January 1st and by January 21st those goals are as forgotten at their gym membership.

How to ALWAYS Get the Offer – Yeah 100% of the Time!

Getting chosen. That is the point of every sales call, resume sent, and request made. This article will expose the secret recipe that have used to get an offer for every single solitary thing that I have wanted every single solitary time…. seriously. At first I thought it was those lucky rabbit’s feet, knocking on […]

A Sure-Fire Formula that Gets Your Leadership Article Noticed

We’ve all seen those boring articles that some top-level executive was selected to write for the company newsletter. They all follow the same template: Where they started, what they believe (usually the company mantra), a quote from a book, and a piece of advice that the world can’t live without – usually in the form […]

8 Things Highly Productive People Do Everyday

Everything that everyone wants can be summed up into four categories: More money with less debt. More time with higher efficiency. Less work with higher productivity. Better quality of anything. This means that everyone wants to be more productive at work everyday. For the most part – we hate wasting time because time impacts everything […]

Why Your Emails Might Be Construed as RUDE… and How to Fix ‘Em

My emails were construed as rude… ridiculously rude. The funny thing was my intention was to be direct, save time, and get things done. Unfortunately my words were having the opposite impact until I learned this little rule that changed everything.

7 Types Bad Dudes That Drive Women NUTS at Work

Of course if you know me or my articles, then you know there is no way in hell that I was going to write an article about the 5 Types of Toxic Women without a follow up to the bad dudes that do dirty deeds at work. The Trumpeter is the guy whose every sentence […]

5 Types of Toxic Women at Work – And How to Handle them

As a woman in business the goal is always to make people say OMG for the right reasons. During my years as a leadership consultant many leaders are plagued by specific types of female colleagues that make them say OMG for all the wrong reasons. These are the top 5 that characteristics that Toxic Women […]

YOU – The Product!

I deliver speeches around the world about creating contrast.  One executive recently walked up to me after my talk and said that THE PRODUCT portion of my talk really made him think. Here’s a brief synopsis. If you were a marketing novice you would know that the 4 Ps of marketing are: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. […]

The Two-Faces of a Leadership

I would prefer to clothespin my eyes open and watch paint dry than to read this dribble.  This is basically plug-n-play corporate speak that doesn’t tell me anything about this leader other than I would NEVER WANT TO WORK FOR SOMEONE SO BORING! The BAD As the VP of Project Teams at XYZ, I work […]

The Last TO DO List That You Will Ever Need

I was making less than the 9 year old fighting alligators for golf balls in the water hazard at the 12th hole; but I felt like I was working just as hard. That seemed to be the story of my business – well – busyness. I had all the tools and techniques; call scripts and emails; meetings […]

What are People Saying About You When You Leave the Room… Yeah… It matters.

The meeting is over.  You just left the room.  And the chatter begins as it always does when you walk out.  So, what are they saying about you?

Do you have the GUTS to be a Leader…or just the Title?

[tds-dropcap red]A[/tds-dropcap]s a successful woman in business, I get asked this question a lot.  Usually by someone that’s around 20 years old and fresh out of college or someone that wants to know how I did it twice. This time it was a young woman working in IT. “First you founded, ran, built, grew, and […]

Women Can’t Be Seen, Heard, and Hired as Experts Until They Do This

“The Experts” who take the stage at major corporate and association conferences may lead you to believe that there are very few women who have real expertise.

7 Daring Ways to Skip Some Rungs on the Leadership Ladder

People ask me all the time how I moved up from a programmer to a COO and now CEO so quickly. My answer is always the same: I took some daring moves that paid off big but they were risky.

How Can Leaders Build Trust? Stop Lying.

How Can Leaders Build Trust? Stop Lying. Did you ever know that something bad was going to happen at work?  Your resources kept asking but you kept your lips sealed as was deemed by the leadership team. Then it happened; the grapevine started singing like a well endowed diva hitting that final high note and the rumor […]

Why I Fire Some Customers… and You Should Too

We’ve all heard the term “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  This is just a way of saying that if you bitch and complain enough you’ll get your way.  I used to believe that until I became a business owner.  In fact, the squeakier the wheel the more likely I am to drop that customer […]

How to Write An Article For Work That Really Stands Out

The unthinkable has happened. Somebody somewhere in this universe thought the best use of your time was to write a freakin’ article about yourself or your opinion on something you care little about or a lesson learned that others can leverage. And now you have to actually write it. Although you might initially be flattered […]

What my meeting with Bill Gates taught me about Sales and Service

My business intelligence company was working overtime. We were killing it with new clients, big deals, and awesome resources. I had become a negotiating Ninja and sales pro samurai. My partner and CEO, Allen, had worked magic and got us a meeting where Bill Gates would be attending. Allen explained that he was just “coming […]

Why Almost All Great Leaders are NOT the Smartest People In the Room

Oprah did it. Jobs did it. And that guy down the hall that everyone listens to did it. They weren’t the smartest person in the room, but they were the most influential

7 Kick-Ass Phrases that Great Leaders Use to Magnetize the Masses

Sometimes leaders forget the power in their words yet they want their team to move to their cadence. Great leaders make a habit of leveraging their words to garner more power towards motivating their teams to higher goals.

Leadership Mojo: 7 Ways that Spectacular Leaders Unknowingly Sabotage The Mission

Sometimes even the best leaders sabotage success. Here are 7 ways that they do it.