How ROCKSTAR MILLIONAIRES bust through the 7-figure ceiling

The one thing that I learned a long time ago is that I had to do what others wouldn’t so I could live how others couldn’t. To be a millionaire, I had to start thinking like one. To reach my goals, I had to plan on exceeding them. But there was one other thing that […]

3 Laws of the Million Dollar Growth Mindset

The difference between successful people and people striving for success isn’t big. Successful people and the masses have many of the same tactics and strategies. The difference is that successful people use their mindset to transform their tactics and strategies into superpowers. Check out these 3 Laws of the Million Dollar Growth Mindset and be […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Hustler?

Before we get started, this has nothing to do with the magazine or ripping people off.  Real hustlers don’t need to take advantage of people. So, what is a hustler? A hustler is a stack-stashing go-getter that works aggressively to turn a vision into reality using cunning and resourcefulness.  They possess their own version of street-smarts […]

5 Ways that I Stopped RUINING My Business and Started KILLIN’ IT

The speaking business, as with most entrepreneurial endeavors, can be a fickle chick. You can be totally booked in October by January and then, spend the summer eating Chunky Monkey while eye-guzzling three seasons of The Real Housewives of Some BS County. While my business was doing pretty well (probably better than most) I still wasn’t making […]

5 Signs that FOMO is Secretly Ruining Your Career

That awful feeling of FOMO – fear of missing out – usually pops up when you’re scrolling through your work email and you come across an epic discussion about stuff that you weren’t aware of – even if it has nothing to do with you. In fact you were accidentally cc’d by Elaine in accounting. […]

I Posted As A Man and I Liked It!

I posted as a man and I liked it!

It was totally by accident… at first. But then I kept doing it.

Could You Handle This Kind of Feedback?

“What was I thinking?  After all… I took a risk.  I took off the gloves and put it all on the line. The worst part is that my name wasn’t the only name on the line. I was responsible for the reputation of Paul, the Event Planner who hired me. He took a chance too. But… was it too […]

LIFE HACK 1.0 – Confidence: Get It When You Ain’t Got It

“I’m not afraid of heights or falling. But that ‘sudden stop’ freaks me the hell out!” Those were my last words before rejecting the skydiving gift from a client several years ago. Initially I laughed it off. But it bugged me that I wouldn’t even consider something that many other people have done successfully countless […]

An open letter to the guy that labeled me: BITCH

Dear Dude who called me a BITCH (as well as other very disparaging statements) during our conference call last Friday when you thought you muted the line: Outspoken. Filterless. Opinionated. Brilliant. Team-builder. Leader-whisperer. Straight-Forward. Those And several other terms have been stamped behind my name as if they were the initials from earned degrees. But […]