What Highly Productive People Do Everyday to Drive More Business Faster

Highly productive people make it look so simple.  They have clean desks.  Their work is done.  They leave on time.  Their happy. And they have the nerve to annihilate goals as if the bar was set below their feet. And yes… we all envy them. Until we find out that the secret sauce to their […]

Don’t Make These 3 Common Business Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make

Some entrepreneurs have a guardian angel looking out for their success (queue Mark Zuckerberg), while others know that the entrepreneurial struggle is real… really real. So when I discovered 3 really bad foundational business mistakes that most entrepreneurs make, I had to share the fixes. 3 Really Bad Foundational Business Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make […]

5 Ways that I Stopped RUINING My Business and Started KILLIN’ IT

The speaking business, as with most entrepreneurial endeavors, can be a fickle chick. You can be totally booked in October by January and then, spend the summer eating Chunky Monkey while eye-guzzling three seasons of The Real Housewives of Some BS County. While my business was doing pretty well (probably better than most) I still wasn’t making […]

7 Steps To Be SUPER UNPRODUCTIVE – YES! Even You Can Be A Slacker

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and knew you had a bunch of stuff to get done but no plan to actually do it? Then you are on the right track to being super unproductive. This article will give you the 7 tips you need to fulfill your journey with the least amount […]