How to Get Your Sales Team to Buy In

Don’t show up and throw up! Get people on board fast by taking it a little slower.

Available or Accommodating…… the Difference Could Drive Up or Drive Down Your Negotiations

Are you trying to be everything to you customer? Are you working to ensure that they have the type of experience during the sale so that they feel like you are totally there for them at every moment of the day? This may be a critical deal closing mistake. Watch this video and discover why […]

The NEW way to Handle Sales Objections FAST

According to old-school training, there is a list of standard responses to the most common sales objections. Most have to do with solidifying your organizations standing as the right choice. The challenge is that customers are smarter than ever before and come prepared with the same playbook from which you are working. So they already […]

3 Super Secret Sales Negotiation Tips To Close More Business Faster

Wouldn’t in be cool to take your sales negotiations to the next level without using those old fashioned tactics that everyone knows already? Well, check out these 3 new super secret negotiation tactics learned from FBI Hostage Negotiators.

Why My Asset Kicks Your Commodity’s Butt!

We’ve all heard about the great value proposition. You have to define what is important to your customer and why… And then we spend the rest of the time dropping our prices and giving up the goods. Dawnna shares how you can get past the value proposition challenge and get to changing the game.   […]

Ask for the Sale

Many times we hear sales people complain that they don’t get the deal. But more times than not, we find out that they are not doing one critical thing – asking for the sale. Dawnna shares how one artist makes millions and saves thousands by asking for the sale.  

Get Better Market Response

If ever there was a black hole of money and time wasted in business it is marketing. Marketers may say that they can’t give you a quantifiable Return On Investment (ROI) percentage because, blah, blah, blah. All that matters is that you cough up five kajillion dollars for an entry level social media package that […]