How to Lead an AGE-OLD BEST PRACTICE into the New Millennium

By Blog, Innovation

Your current process works. It’s seamless.  It’s a best practice. And it’s as stale as those two-day-old donuts sitting on the conference room table.

When the same-old same-old doesn’t have the flavor you’re looking for it’s time to flip the script and try something different.

The easiest way to freshen up those old processes is to find the pain point and flip the script.  And yes… even best practices can be updated to meet the new millennium.

Consider the check-out process at most stores.  You pick out your products, take them to the shortest line possible, and then you pay.  We can all agree that this is a “best practice” that we have seen in practice for decades.

Of all the things that people hate the most about this best practice, it’s standing in line.  This is why Apple and Nordstrom associates now check-out on demand. No line required.  A simple change to an age-old process and suddenly you are an innovator.

When you’re ready to try something new, write down and question each step of your process.  Pick the one step that causes the most pain.  Improve it and you’re on your way to innovation superstardom.


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