Before we get started, this has nothing to do with the magazine or ripping people off.  Real hustlers don’t need to take advantage of people. So, what is a hustler?

A hustler is a stack-stashing go-getter that works aggressively to turn a vision into reality using cunning and resourcefulness.  They possess their own version of street-smarts along with business know-how. Most people blow off hustlers as too young, too ghetto, too uneducated, too inexperienced, too old, or too <enter your description here>. These preconceived notions of what is supposed to be makes underestimation one of the most valuable tools in the hustlers bag.

Hustlers rarely look like hustlers.  TV always makes them out to be bad guys on street corners. But real hustlers look more like Mark Cuban and Dr Dre.  No really.  If you didn’t know who they were, would you think that they would be billionaires?  Yeah… me neither.

These “Wolf of Wallstreet” types know exactly how to get in, get it done, and get paid. When they are done with the current hustle, they remaster their brand to work for their next hustle.  They don’t need to lie, cheat, or steal to get paid… people want to give them money.

So – do you have what it takes to be a hustler?

1 – Hustlers take aggressive action. If you are going to be a real hustler you gotta get comfy cozy with acting on instinct. Hustlers thrive in “OJT” (on the job training”. They use screw-ups as lessons to catch up. Problem are opportunities. And opportunities mean cash. They take risks, learn from losses, repeat success, and keep moving.

wakeplayclay2 – Hustlers “know their stuff”. To be  real hustler you have to say yes to an opportunity and figure it out along the way.  What hustlers don’t know doesn’t matter. They will find out.

3 – Hustlers die in comfort zones. This is the tough one.  You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  Hustlers have to move, learn, and do or they die.  They know that growth doesn’t happen in the comfort zone.  And comfort doesn’t happen in the growth zone.  Hustlers grow… a lot!

4 – Hustlers are predictors creators of the future. Do you know what tomorrow brings?  No?  Then you might not be hustler material.  Hustlers speak and act with the type of confidence that makes you think they have Nostradamus on speed dial.  The reason is simple:  They put the pieces in the place to ensure that tomorrow will happen.

5 – No first.  Yes next. In sales most people love when the customer walks in and pays exactly what they want.  Not hustlers.  They want to squeeze ever penny out of a yes and not leave any money on the table.

6 – They speak differently. To be a real hustler you have to speak in terms of implied benefits.  While most people will ask, “Do you want to grab a coffee?”; hustlers will say, “I’ll be at Starbucks at 8:00 am; you should join me.”  The tone dictates that there is something in it for you.

7 – Hustlers deliver results. If a hustler says, “Do x today and you will get Y tomorrow”, you can guarantee that you will get whatever they promise.  Their word is a good as a signed check.  Are you ready to make every word you bond?  If so, you are reaching hustler status.

8 – Hustlers have a tangible vision – not dreams, goals, and plans. To be a hustlers you not only predict the future you speak it into existence.  A hustler would never say, “I am planning on writing my next book”.  Instead they’ll say, “I am almost done with my next best seller”.  Remember #4.  They speak the future into existence and put pieces in place to make it happen.

9 – Hustlers believe in capitalism. They love their fans, follows, and shout outs.  But they know that the mortgage doesn’t get paid without an invoice.  Hustlers will live a few years working like other people won’t so they can live like other people can’t.

So – Do you have what it takes to hustle your way to the top of your game?