Leaders… What if the experts are wrong?

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I have followers on Twitter and I’m pretty sure that they don’t think I am their leader. In fact I think if I commanded them to retweet my latest post, most of them would tell me to kick rocks.

But, according to Webster’s a leader is someone who commands or causes others to follow. While Peter Drucker thinks that “Leaders have followers.”

John Maxwell, on the other hand, says that “Leadership is influence” and Kenneth Blanchard says “a leader must have influence and vision”.

All these gentlemen seemed to headed in the right direction. But like my husband getting lost on a road trip, they refused to stop and get more information so that they could to make it to the destination [ sorry… couldn’t resist that one].

As a person that talks about harnessing the power of people to maximize business efforts, leadership is critical to moving people into action. And having a clear, concise, and complete definition is critical to developing leaders who can do that.

So, here is my definition to the age old question: What is a leader

That’s mine. What do you think? Does your boss meet the definition of a good leader? Do you?


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