Leadership Hack: Humility During Success

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YEAH! I rocked it! WOOT WOOT! It was all me baby. In a world of greatness, it is obvious and has been proclaimed that I am the greatest! All others bow down.

Oh… and thanks to the little people for your support.

That’s what it sounded like in my head when a really tough project, that I was leading, found success. I even choreographed a very hot SuperBowl End Zone Dance to match – complete with spiked footballs, confetti, and cheerleaders. The security guys watching the elevator cameras must have been highly amused.

In a world of selfies and shameless self-promotion it was a no-brainer for me to take ALL the credit for the success of my project. I came up with the idea. Implemented the strategy. Motivated the team the follow my vision. Put the right people in the right positions. Got the client on board. And I even think there was a moment when I walked on water.

Then I remembered… things didn’t work out so well for the last guy that walked on water so unless I wanted to be sacrificed by my team, I’d better get my ego in check.

To strike a balance between high confidence and high praise (click here to learn how to give the right amount of praise), use this 3 step leadership hack:

  1. Define the Challenge

    The challenge is the issue that you and your team corrected for your organization. It also identifies your role in correcting the challenge and why the challenge was critical to your organization. This is about YOU and how you STEPPED UP!

    Example: There was a 15% customer retention deficit at our organization. As VP of Sales and Marketing I stepped up to the plate to turn around the deficit because our organization has always been known for long-term customer retention and repeat business. Our numbers should reflect that.

  2. Highlight the Milestones and Your People

    Most people totally ruin this step by talking about the process and giving step-by-step details. No one cares about the steps. They want to know the results of the milestones and who was responsible. Highlight the ACTIONS OF YOUR TEAM! This section balances out the first part.

    Example: Over the past 6 months James and Sheila discovered why our highest grossing customers were absent. Bob and Darla used that information to make significant improvements that caused customers to come back. Kim implemented new strategies to retain at risk customers and get new ones in the door.


    This is all about the benefits! At this point you want to make sure that the organization recognizes the results that you bring to the table.

    Example: As a result of this project, my team and I have improved customer service numbers by 85% and generated $600K in rescued revenue.

  • BONUS:

    If you are short on time and get stuck in that elevator with an Executive that wants to know what you have done for them lately, simply summarize 1 and 3. Deliver with power.

    I led a team that was instrumental in increasing customer service numbers by 85% and generated $600K in rescued revenue.


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