Trumps 3-Part Winning Secret Formula! What you can learn from it.

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STOP!  Before you keep going know this:

I think DT is a bit of a jackass.  He is disrespectful and condescending; especially to women.  I would personally love to take 5 minutes and beat the shit out of him with a stiletto.  This is not a political commentary.  This is really what people can learn from DT.

With that said: He is one of the most innovative candidates in this race.  And, as long as he keeps doing what he’s doing (of course with cyclical improvements) he will be a force to be reckoned with in November ’16.

So what makes him so damned innovative?  Well he is hitting the innovation factors on all fronts.

The First Law of Innovation: Craved

Voters who listen to “The Donald” (and everyone is listening) didn’t know that a candidate could be so outspoken and still be out front.  Whether you love him or hate him, you know exactly where you stand and where he stands. There is no ambiguity… and people love it and expect it.

People want forthrightness (even if its a bit crass) and they refuse to live without it.  It is the reason that Hilary is struggling; why all the other republican candidates come off like bobbleheaded closes; and why no one else is getting significant airtime.  Right now, every other voter would love to shake their candidate and yell, “PLEASE GROW SOME!  STICK BY SOMETHING!  STAND TOUGH ON AN ISSUE!  STOP REPEATING WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING!”

Trump tapped into the first law of innovation – Give the consumer something they didn’t know they could have but now refuse to live without.  Make them crave it.

The Second Law of Innovation: Envied

Every candidate on the platform envies DT.  They wish they had his money and his “lack of filter” when he speaks.  They wish they had to gall to rock an ugly ass haircut and still tell Heidi that she is not a 10 (seriously… that happened).

Trump confidently leveraged the second law of innovation: Do something that your competitors envy and wished that they could do.  Set the bar and make them jealous that they can’t reach it.

The Third Law of Innovation: Buzz-Worthy

By tapping into the first and second law of innovation, the third law sometimes just happens.  Turn on your TV; check what’s trending on the internet, and read the newspaper – everyone is talking about DT and waiting to see (or hear) what’s next.

Trump is buzz-worthy and consistently feeds the news frenzy by remaining so.

What can companies do:

91% of funded innovation projects fail because they don’t meet the three criteria.  Instead of creating something that the customer didn’t know they could have and can’t live without, companies spend time asking customers what they want.  Your customer is not the expert in your business.  It is your job to determine what they want next and deliver it.

If you want to corner the market with your next sexy new innovation, make sure that it is craved, envied, and buzz-worthy.


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