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Imagine the story of your life defined by government statistics like these:
  • Drug addict.
  • Five children you're UNable to care for/foster care
  • Government assistance.
  • Jail time.
  • An early grave.

When my guidance counselor told me those stats would define my life, I believed them. As a result I became depressed, fell into homelessness, and lost everything.

It wasn't until I decided to step into a brave new chapter that things began to change. Over the years, I discovered that there were four principles of achievement which extremely success people consistently strived for to reach bigger goals.

These four principles gave me the ability to pull myself from the depths of depression, crawl out of homelessness, and build a $250M tech biz.

Today, Dawnna is a conference headlining keynote speaker on the Discipline of Achievement. She has transformed audiences around the world with the four principles that changed her life. 

Dawnna also runs a successful coaching, mentoring, and mastermind company that helps clients define a plan of attack to annihilate roadblocks and achieve more than they thought possible.

Her client list includes well-known executives, high-potential employees, a consortium of investors and venture capitalists, motivational speakers, and entrepreneurs.


Keynote Programs


Aha moments fill Dawnna's high-energy, and highly-interactive keynote programs which are customized to your event theme and attendees; and includes a breakout/plenary session.


You've read the headline... now be inspired by the story that transformed Dawnna from homeless teen to COO of a $250M tech co. Discover the four principles that will drive you to achieve more than you thought possible.
The stories you tell yourself define your beliefs, impact your thoughts, and determine what you do next. So how do you write a bold new chapter?

In this high-energy rollercoaster ride, Dawnna takes you on a journey. Besides hilariously sharing the story that led to homelessness, Dawnna will walk the you through what it took to change the narrative and write a new chapter... one that propelled her into the C-Suite of her own $250M tech biz.

Through several powerful messages, you will discover what it takes to break down the mental barriers that hold us back from some of our greatest achievements including how to:

  • Redefine your world as a place of prosperity
  • Tap into the mindset habits of peak-performers
  • Use your natural gifts to excel in the face of turmoil
  • Overcome life's challenges stronger than ever
  • Create an inner-circle keeps you energized

Be the author of a braver, bolder, new chapter. Tap into the Mindset of Achievement.


Discover how you naturally show up in the world. Leverage your hidden talents to be more authentically and confidently you.
Your Hidden Advantage what draws other to you.
When you leverage it you can turn influence into a bankable skill, including how to:
  • Outshine the competition
  • Motivate others to stay involved
  • Show up more authentically and confidently
  • Create connections even with the toughest people
  • Influence and persuade powerfully
With Your Hidden Advantage, you can go after the deal you want… and win it; take your career… and improve it; and make just about any situation work to your advantage.


What if tomorrow's success relied on making moves like you own the business today? This program will prepare you to be the power-player who gets recognized, gets promoted, and gets paid.
High-Performers get noticed, get promoted, and get paid.
These industry experts solidify themselves in the succession plan as masters of their craft as they approach every decision as if they were the owner.

When you discover what drives your personal peak performance, you will:
  • Negotiate better deals for bigger profits
  • Maximize your earnings
  • Be next in-line for bigger opportunities
  • Get recognized as the brand ambassador
  • Have a voice at the decision-making table for key company initiatives

You are already a winner. Now tap into your power to be a champion.

Breakout Programs


Be more effective in the areas that matter most to you. Dawnna delivers her secrets to success in sales, influence, and entrepreneurship leveraging her experience as Founder/COO if a $250M tech biz.


Discover the new client conversation that transforms "old-school sales peeps" into your organization's Most-Valuable Differentiator - your clients' Trusted Advisor.
In today’s hyper-connected world, savvy prospects are done with old-school overly-enthusiastic product pitches; which means the sales pro must adapt.

In this program, you will discover new client conversations for the new economy including how to:
  • Think like a champion sales pro
  • Separate your most value prospects from pretenders
  • Make the sale and solution personal to the decision-maker
  • Master the art of the next best question
  • Compose communications that get real reactions and replies
  • Maximize the outcome of sales efforts without extra effort

Discover a clear path to higher-quality sales.


Connect, get buy-in, and build a loyal following of clients, colleagues, and employees when you cash in on your most bankable skill - the power to influence.
The power to influence others is among your most bankable skills — and one you can learn quickly.

Connect, get buy-in, and build a loyal following of clients, colleagues, and employees when you discover:
  • Exactly what prospects want to hear to connect with you better
  • Which tasks you should avoid vs those that are a perfect fit
  • Communication patterns that drive decisions
  • Create connections even with the toughest people
  • Read, influence and persuade powerfully
With the Se7en Languages of Influence you will know exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it to drive positive outcomes.


You're an expert. Now it is time to explode your entrepreneurial business with a strategic path that multiplies your efforts and boosts your bottom line.
Being an entrepreneur is as challenging as it is rewarding.

After meeting thousands of struggling entrepreneurs Dawnna realized how many need fundamental information about starting and operating a successful business. In this program you will discover how to:
  • Leverage the 7-point cycle to increase revenue and maximize profits
  • Identify your most ideal client, how to serve them, and trigger them to buy
  • Separate profitable prospects from time-wasting pretenders
  • Master sales conversations (even if you don't like to sell)

You have a dream and a passion; now chase it to create the kind of business that lasts generations.

Coaching Programs


From sales to leadership to entrepreneurship, Dawnna delivers personalized and custom coaching solutions to work with individuals who want to create and crush bigger goals faster.


The biggest risk you take is not improving your life and your business. You can't get more time. But you can reach higher levels of prosperity. That is what Dawnna's coaching delivers.
Dawnna works with you to achieve your goals through three simple steps:
  • Focused Mindset: Zero in on precisely what you want to do. Give energy and effort to that on which you focus.
  • Massive Action: Develop the strategies and tactics to do big things. It may take a little trial and error, but we will get it done.
  • Major Impact: Craft an ultimate goal that delivers more than just extra money in your pocket and motivates you to drive harder towards the greater good.

Dawnna's Coaching is proven to help you perform at your peak and achieve amazing results including:
  • Clarity on your purpose
  • More effectiveness as a leader
  • Achieve bigger goals
  • Tap into your natural talents and gifts
  • Grow your business
  • Close more deals
  • Solidify powerful relationships

YOU'RE IN Good Company.


"We wanted our attendees fired up from opening keynote to closing hour. And Dawnna delivered. Her opening program was a mindset boosting experience that challenged everyone to have the courage to participate at a higher level - in life, at work, and at the conference. Participation is always higher after Dawnna's keynote. That's why she's spoken for us 3x in 5 years.


“Dawnna's conference headlining keynote helped me tap into my Winning Edge Formula. For the rest of the conference I courageously stepped into my power. I volunteered, asked questions, and participated at a higher level. I took that Winning Edge Formula home. Since then, I have created the future kind of future that I deserve and desire!”

Anne James
Destination Weddings

“Dawnna is so real. She spoke directly to me. Since meeting her, I have leveraged my winning edge to un-rut my career, kick-start my business, and live a bigger life.

J. Hannabolt
Hannabolt Financial Services

Dawnna makes you think different. Her transformational thinking is no less profound than it sounds. Dawnna has impacted me as a sales leader and my team exponentially. Her game changing formula impacted both sales funnels and bottom-line numbers immediately.

Michael Bentley

Dawnna is a no nonsense brilliant woman leading others into their greatness and their own high profit zone. Whether delivering incredible training on FB Live or at her exclusive Million Dollar Mansion retreats, those smart enough to ditch the myths and listen to this woman who’s walked the path from homelessness to abundance, will reap rewards beyond their dreams. Pay attention!

Lindy Rosen

Dawnna really understands how to speak the language of your audience. Her brain fires so quickly that to work with her was fast, easy and fun. She's brilliant.

Diane DiResta

Dawnna is a kick-ass speaker who energises and inspires audiences internationally to take action. I saw her speak at a huge convention in the UK and she delivered amazing value that the audience loved. If you need a speaker to deliver a wake-up call to your audience and leave them with immense value, book Dawnna now!

Alan Stevens

Dawnna delivered EXCELLENCE in the UK. Her knowledge and experience of business is mind-blowing. Her skill in delivery is extraordinary. She conveys complex ideas with grace and power. She cuts through noise so that it is easy to see how simple changes will make a massive difference.

William Buist

Dawnna is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant, funny, talented and wicked smart speaker that seems to be one step ahead of every problem that organizations big and small encounter. She is truly an innovative presence in 6-inch heels, captivating every audience from start to finish!

Theresa Rose

Hands down, the best speaker I've seen! When she said, "A third grade dropout taught me the greatest lessons of my life" I knew this was something special. She was never the hero of the story, but rather she showed how the stories transformed her. AMAZING.

Kelly Powley
CIO / Inspire Brands

Dawnna is one of the most dynamic leaders in this industry I have ever worked with. She is a prime example of what a professional should be; she truly walks the walk.There is no problem too small that Dawnna won't listen to and she offers real solutions, not just promises.

Tina Pearson
Office Depot



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Dawnna delivers is highly engaging, actionable content which she customizes to the theme of your event and the expertise in your industry.




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