2020/04/01 – S1E3 – Abuse of Power or Reasonable Expectations

Physical structures and boundaries have been eradicated in the virtual workplace. The 8 to 5 has turned into a 24-hour tethering to home computers and cell-phones with CEO’s driving higher levels of expectations and productivity. Should the new virtual workforce get used to the new way of working or push-back to save themselves from career burnout.

2020/04/03 – S1E4 – Space Invaders, Vitamin D Thieves, or Cabin Fever Delirium

People are IN DA THE HOUSE – and not in that DJ Khalid kinda way either. More than ever we are told to stay home, hunker down, and flatten the curve. When people head out for other than the essentials are they being selfish and greedy or just suffering from cabin fever?

2020/03/30 – S1E2 – Sales Pro: Sleaze-ball, Trusted Advisor, or Sales Zombie

To keep the doors open amid the pandemic Businesses are leaning hard on their sales pros to close deals. Does this pressure turn these sales pros into uncaring sleaze-balls, solutions providers, or are they just doing business as usual.

2020/03/27 – S1E1 – Virtual Office Requirement or Discrimination?

More and more CEOs are requiring that office-workers deliver a the same (if not higher) level of productivity in a teleworking environment that is conducive for business – without giving them the means to do so. Is this a new form of discrimination for those who struggle to create this environment?