How big is the gap between where you are and where you thought you’d be?

Are you getting tired of getting stuck at “good job” and “great work” when you know you should be at EPIC?

No matter how successful you are, most people feel like something is missing.

If your career is going great, then family suffers. If relationships are awesome, then your health is out of whack and your finances aren’t where you want them to be.

In this internationally successful keynote program, you’ll be inspired by timeless and unique lessons from the third-grade dropout that motivated, transformed, and propelled Dawnna from homeless teen to COO & Founder of a $250M tech consultancy.

One of those lessons was simply: Real abundance requires extreme execution.

It’s time to take the kind of extreme action required to get the kind of results you deserve.


One thing I’ve come to realize in life is that change isn’t easy!

And what’s worse…

If you don’t know your true self, your strengths, your preferences, and your limitations, you will find change and improving your life almost impossible!

The good news is, you’ve now got the answer to finding the TRUE YOU!

It’s time to stop hesitating, second-guessing, and pressing pause when it is time to GO!
You’ll discover:

  • How a third-grade drop out changed the game for a future C-Level executive.
  • What you’re life would look like if you could live like the top 1%!
  • ow to be more aware of who you are, your strengths
  • how to add value to your life and business, execute at a higher level, and not compromise on the ultimate life you deserve!

Only 12% of people are born executers, and you need to know the habits of not only the 12%, but the top 1%, what they do, that you aren’t currently.

It is time to take the kind of extreme action that your dreams deserve.



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"We wanted our attendees fired up from opening keynote to closing hour. And Dawnna delivered. Her opening program was a mindset boosting experience that challenged everyone to have the courage to participate at a higher level - in life, at work, and at the conference. Participation is always higher after Dawnna's keynote. That's why she's spoken for us 3x in 5 years.


“Dawnna's conference headlining keynote helped me tap into my Winning Edge Formula. For the rest of the conference I courageously stepped into my power. I volunteered, asked questions, and participated at a higher level. I took that Winning Edge Formula home. Since then, I have created the future kind of future that I deserve and desire!”

Anne James
Destination Weddings

“Dawnna is so real. She spoke directly to me. Since meeting her, I have leveraged my winning edge to un-rut my career, kick-start my business, and live a bigger life.

J. Hannabolt
Hannabolt Financial Services

Dawnna makes you think different. Her transformational thinking is no less profound than it sounds. Dawnna has impacted me as a sales leader and my team exponentially. Her game changing formula impacted both sales funnels and bottom-line numbers immediately.

Michael Bentley

Dawnna is a no nonsense brilliant woman leading others into their greatness and their own high profit zone. Whether delivering incredible training on FB Live or at her exclusive Million Dollar Mansion retreats, those smart enough to ditch the myths and listen to this woman who’s walked the path from homelessness to abundance, will reap rewards beyond their dreams. Pay attention!

Lindy Rosen

Dawnna really understands how to speak the language of your audience. Her brain fires so quickly that to work with her was fast, easy and fun. She's brilliant.

Diane DiResta

Dawnna is a kick-ass speaker who energises and inspires audiences internationally to take action. I saw her speak at a huge convention in the UK and she delivered amazing value that the audience loved. If you need a speaker to deliver a wake-up call to your audience and leave them with immense value, book Dawnna now!

Alan Stevens

Dawnna delivered EXCELLENCE in the UK. Her knowledge and experience of business is mind-blowing. Her skill in delivery is extraordinary. She conveys complex ideas with grace and power. She cuts through noise so that it is easy to see how simple changes will make a massive difference.

William Buist

Dawnna is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant, funny, talented and wicked smart speaker that seems to be one step ahead of every problem that organizations big and small encounter. She is truly an innovative presence in 6-inch heels, captivating every audience from start to finish!

Theresa Rose

Hands down, the best speaker I've seen! When she said, "A third grade dropout taught me the greatest lessons of my life" I knew this was something special. She was never the hero of the story, but rather she showed how the stories transformed her. AMAZING.

Kelly Powley
CIO / Inspire Brands

Dawnna is one of the most dynamic leaders in this industry I have ever worked with. She is a prime example of what a professional should be; she truly walks the walk.There is no problem too small that Dawnna won't listen to and she offers real solutions, not just promises.

Tina Pearson
Office Depot