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the struggle can be very real

I waterboarded the hell out of my followers with “look at me! look at me” content!
And that was after I tried all the tips and tricks like:

  • Marketing books made my copy wordy.
  • Facebook Ads delivered no ROI.
  • And my social media team sounded like
    personality deprived cyborgs.

I was annoying and pushing away my followers.
Then one of my last remaining friends said:

“You just need to attract your ideal client…
Not market at them!”

That lightbulb moment was all I needed to crack the “marketing code”.

Now, I have a waiting list of winners who I attract.

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I was pleasantly surprised when the 90 minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity Workshop wasn’t a pitch for something else.  I walked away with tools I could use and the confidence to use them immediately!

Rebecca Larson
Your Home Legal

it takes testicular fortitude and ovarian audacity to authentically attract your ideal client.

Fyrebrand Basics Workshop
Annihilate your market struggles, immediately attract your ideal buyer, and write copy that doesn't suck in just 90 minutes.

Fyrebrand Squad Member
Gain immediate access to the Fyrebrand Forum: where experts make sure you attract your ideal buyer with strategies and copy that kicks-ass.

Fyrebrand 6-Week Academy
Exclusively for Squad Members
this 6-week hands-on step-by-step live coaching workshop will help you avoid major mistakes (like the ones you're making right now) so you can juice-up your market attraction bad-assery.

The 90 minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity Workshop was chocked full of actionable content I could immediately apply to my business. We got into the meat and potatoes and worked it through our business.

Mitch Taylor
Overcome Your Business Hurdles
Author - Speaker - Trainer

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During the 90 minute Fyrebrand Basics Market Audacity workshop you will discover:
  • The Marketing Lie that is killing your efforts and...
    • Why social media advertising isn't working for you
    • What you're really selling vs what they want to buy.
    • How to avoid the top 3 marketing mistakes.
  • The power of Your Ideal Fyrebrand Buyer Persona and how to:
    • Stop attracting tire-kickers
    • Uncover who your ideal client really is and what they want
    • Quickly tweak and amp up your current copy
  • The Fyrebrand Fab Translator to speak the language of your buyer and...
    • Turn your copy into an attraction magnet
    • Influence your ideal buyer into action
    • Create the kind of targeted copy that converts fast.
  • The Fyrebrand Bat-Signal; which will help you
    • Connect with your buyer where they are
    • Uncover the frustrations that drives them to click
    • Create powerful copy that attracts your ideal buyer.

market audacity: when your online presence has so much personality that your ideal client wants to have coffee with you.

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None of the marketing stuff worked until Fyrebrand and Dawnna St Louis.  I was blown away by the Fyrebrand Basics class.  It just made sense.  I knew I needed to full methodology!

Theresa Noye
G3 Power Up BootCamp

My business has accelerated in ways that I can’t explain.  With the Fyrebrand Framework. I can connect with my buyers online and in person in a more powerful way.

Krystle McNeely
Zoe Life Academy

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All Squad-Members have Unlimited and Exclusive access to Fyrebrand’s 

  • Continuously growing educational vault – ($2250 VALUE)
  • Expert Live Masterclasses ( Feb 2021 – $2275 VALUE)
  • Expert Advisory and Feedback($3000 VALUE)
  • Semi-Monthly Advisory and Q/A calls ($1640 VALUE)
  • Discounts to Live Events (Feb 2021 – $6250 VALUE)
  • Headline and Post Ideas (2x / week PRICELESS)
  • Social Media Templates and Ideas to Attract Buyers (PRICELESS)

Squad Leaders (Academy Members Only) exclusively get

  • Discounted access to Dawnna’s calendar ($3000+ VALUE)
  • Quarterly Exclusive and Discounted Fyrebrand Masterminds (March 2021) ($4000 VALUE)
  • Priority access to Semi-Monthly and QA calls (Feb 2021 $3000 VALUE)
  • Priority access and attention in ALL workshops (PRICELESS)
  • Priority responses on all Facebook posts and messages (PRICELESS)

ONLY $299/year or $29/mo

*Rates increase for new members on Jun 1, 2021.
 Join now before rates go up to $499/year or $49/mo

with fyrebrand You'll stop wondering
"Am I doing this right?"

If you sign up for Fyrebrand Basics, the "worst" thing that will happen is that you will discover exactly why your marketing isn't working and walk away with a fast-and-easy formula to fix it after "wasting" 90 minutes of your time.

The best thing that can happen is that we work together to create the kind of marketing to drive almost instant profits several times over.

Consider this:
In the last quarter of 2020, I earned well over $50K in under 12 weeks with 6 social media posts per social media platform without spending a single advertising dollar.

I am an entrepreneur. A business expert. I don't work for marketing. I created a system so that I can attract buyers.

Now it can work for you.

wanna change the game?

Treat your business like a private club that only accepts winners.

fyrebrand will show you how.

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My sales and marketing was unpredictable until Fyrebrand and Dawnna St Louis

John Watkis
High-Stakes Presentation Coach

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Marketing in my business didn't exist before Fyrebrand. I jumped on Fyrebrand and my business shifted dramatically.

Holly Ann McPherson
Virtual Office Agent Academy

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By week one I was writing amazing copy. By week 4 I fired my social media marketing team. Now I am a Fyrebrand Squad Leader who's chasing a million dollar revenue goal.

Dionnie Wynter Pfunde
Immigration Attorney

Fyrebrand Basics Only

On-Demand Video Only and No Membership
$ 79
  • 90 Minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity Webinar On-Demand
  • 30-Page Market Audacity Workbook
  • You're on your own after the workshop. No membership.

Fyrebrand Basics Live & Forum

90 Minute Live Workshop, On-Demand, and Forum Membership
$ 149
  • 90 Minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity - Live with Dawnna
  • 90 Minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity - On-Demand Webinar
  • 30-Page Market Audacity Downloadable Workbook
  • 1 Month of the $29 Fyrebrand Forum Monthly Membership
  • Instant Access to the Continuously growing Fyrebrand Educational Vault
  • Expert Live Masterclasses - Exclusively for Fyrebrand Forum Members
  • Invitation to the Semi-Monthly Advisory and Q\A Calls
  • Discounts to Live Events - Exclusively for Fyrebrand Forum Members
  • Weekly Article Ideas and Daily Post Ideas
  • Social Media Templates and Ideas to Attract Buyers
  • Discounted Access to Dawnna's Calendar

Fyrebrand Basics & Squad

On-Demand Video Only and Monthly Membership
$ 99
  • 90 Minute Fyrebrand Basics: Market Audacity Webinar On-Demand
  • 30-Page Market Audacity Workbook
  • 1 Month of the $29 Fyrebrand Monthly Membership

The Fyrebrand Bat-Signal is genius.

Brad Szollose
Liquid Leadership

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