The power to influence others is among your most bankable skills — and one you can learn quickly.
From project manager to sales pro, Dawnna had all the responsibility for reaching goals, but none of the authority.  When she discovered how to tap into the science of influence to get people on board, Dawnna was able to lead bigger projects, close bigger deals, and propel her career to the executive offices of her own $250M consultancy.

You will discover how influencers connect, get buy-in, and build a loyal following of clients, colleagues, and employees.

Se7en Triggers to Yes will give you the edge you need to lead with or without authority. You can go after the deal you want… and win it; take your career… and improve it; and make just about any situation work to your advantage.


You’ll discover:

  • The secret to unleashing and motivating your authentic self everyday
  • The power of an abundance mindset and how to propel your life directly into prosperity
  • Your hidden advantage and how to turn your best intentions into forward-moving action
  • You can execute at a higher level without compromising the ultimate life you deserve

It is time to take the kind of extreme action that your dreams deserve.

It is time to move your life from GREAT to EPIC!


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What are your Hidden Drivers, Motivators, and Strengths?

DISC, StrengthsFinder, and many more archetype tests are all based on the same foundation – Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (NE). They tests tell you why you do what you do – something that Aristotle was intrigued by. In NE, he wrote about the seven desires which drive decisions. Each desire motivates us (trigger), strengthens us (advantage), and has an opposing weakness. The two or three of these desires that become prevalent over time and make up your Decision Making Archetype.


Collaboration. Inclusivity. Greater Cause.


Strength: Collaborator
Watch outs: Self-Sacrifice

This collaborator creates a highly-inclusive team environment where every player has an equal place and a voice. Team-members feel like they are working towards a cause greater than themselves. As a decision-maker, you'd prefer not to make an autonomous decision on behalf of others. You require input from all. You find too much individual recognition uncomfortable - even when you are the face of the team. You’ll gladly step out of the spotlight to give others a chance to shine.


Recognition. Pride.
Best of the Best.


Strength: Recognition. Pride.
Watch-outs: Superficiality

This decision-maker takes pride in their premium contributions, well-connected network, and thoughtful selections. As a leader, your team players are an extension of your leadership brand. Because you know the value of a great brand, you take painstaking measures to ensure that you make careful selections to increase its value. As a powerfully autonomous decision-maker you determine what is best. You are quite comfortable in the spotlight, have no issue being the face of the team, and are recognized as such.


Competition. Strong Teams.


Watch-outs: Argumentative

This goal-driven record-breaker is the strongest contributor to the win. You play by the rules to annihilate records, find loopholes, and win against the greatest odds. You build teams based on the strengths that each team-member brings to the table and how they will use those strengths towards a win. You create environments where the team will work together to reach team goals while also competing against each other or themselves towards personal wins. You can think strategically to find the elusive win.


Opportunities. High ROI


Strength: Resourcefulness.
Watch-outs: Ungratefulness

This highly resourceful ROI finder is a master at creating, finding opportunities in unexpected places, and taking full advantage of opportunities. Your favorite team members can wear many hats and generate new ways to monetize current efforts. While generating ideas from a whiteboard may not be your strength, using what you have to get more of what you want is. You rarely wait for things to happen; you make them happen.


New. Next. Now.


Strength: Risk-Taker
Watch-outs: Over-promising

This optimistic risk-taker is a fearless alpha-tester who wants to try out the latest and greatest first. Your favorite team members are big thinkers who can drive you to take bigger & better calculated risks. You quickly get on board with new ideas and find early adoption exhilarating. Your courage, fearlessness, and willingness to go for it - without a safety net - makes others think that you are a maverick. You tend to think big, dream big, and believe that you can deliver in big ways.


A little extra. The elusive deal. Dollars are in the Details.


Strength: Treasure Hunter
Watch-outs: Pettiness

This detailed-oriented specialist sees what others miss (even though its right under their noses) and will ask lots of questions in an effort to close loopholes. Your teams are filled with skilled specialists who do work that no longer suits you. You usually prefer people who work autonomously to get the job done right the first time. Your treasure chest is filled with valuable tools that you will use at a later date. You create wins (weighed heavily in your favor) in even the most elusive situations.


Easier. Faster. Better.


Strength: Streamliner
Watch-outs: Underestimation

This big-picture visionary parses out the unnecessary to make tasks faster, better, and more streamlined. Your teams are usually made of people who will complete repeatable and detailed processes that you can’t automate. You quickly get to the bottom line, connect the dots between disparate items, and turn complexities into easy step-by-step processes. For you, details are overwhelming without a big picture in which to place them. You'd prefer to erase whiteboard than go through the process of learning it all.


"We wanted our attendees fired up from opening keynote to closing hour. And Dawnna delivered. Her opening program was a mindset boosting experience that challenged everyone to have the courage to participate at a higher level - in life, at work, and at the conference. Participation is always higher after Dawnna's keynote. That's why she's spoken for us 3x in 5 years.


“Dawnna's conference headlining keynote helped me tap into my Winning Edge Formula. For the rest of the conference I courageously stepped into my power. I volunteered, asked questions, and participated at a higher level. I took that Winning Edge Formula home. Since then, I have created the future kind of future that I deserve and desire!”

Anne James
Destination Weddings

“Dawnna is so real. She spoke directly to me. Since meeting her, I have leveraged my winning edge to un-rut my career, kick-start my business, and live a bigger life.

J. Hannabolt
Hannabolt Financial Services

Dawnna makes you think different. Her transformational thinking is no less profound than it sounds. Dawnna has impacted me as a sales leader and my team exponentially. Her game changing formula impacted both sales funnels and bottom-line numbers immediately.

Michael Bentley

Dawnna is a no nonsense brilliant woman leading others into their greatness and their own high profit zone. Whether delivering incredible training on FB Live or at her exclusive Million Dollar Mansion retreats, those smart enough to ditch the myths and listen to this woman who’s walked the path from homelessness to abundance, will reap rewards beyond their dreams. Pay attention!

Lindy Rosen

Dawnna really understands how to speak the language of your audience. Her brain fires so quickly that to work with her was fast, easy and fun. She's brilliant.

Diane DiResta

Dawnna is a kick-ass speaker who energises and inspires audiences internationally to take action. I saw her speak at a huge convention in the UK and she delivered amazing value that the audience loved. If you need a speaker to deliver a wake-up call to your audience and leave them with immense value, book Dawnna now!

Alan Stevens

Dawnna delivered EXCELLENCE in the UK. Her knowledge and experience of business is mind-blowing. Her skill in delivery is extraordinary. She conveys complex ideas with grace and power. She cuts through noise so that it is easy to see how simple changes will make a massive difference.

William Buist

Dawnna is a one-of-a-kind, brilliant, funny, talented and wicked smart speaker that seems to be one step ahead of every problem that organizations big and small encounter. She is truly an innovative presence in 6-inch heels, captivating every audience from start to finish!

Theresa Rose

Hands down, the best speaker I've seen! When she said, "A third grade dropout taught me the greatest lessons of my life" I knew this was something special. She was never the hero of the story, but rather she showed how the stories transformed her. AMAZING.

Kelly Powley
CIO / Inspire Brands

Dawnna is one of the most dynamic leaders in this industry I have ever worked with. She is a prime example of what a professional should be; she truly walks the walk.There is no problem too small that Dawnna won't listen to and she offers real solutions, not just promises.

Tina Pearson
Office Depot