Virtual Forum 2020

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Our keynote speakers are experts in industries that matter most to you, motivational powerhouses that inspire during the toughest times, and influencers that drive real empowerment.


Programs delivered from stage, live questions from your members, facilitated coffee breaks, and engaging networking opportunities make you forget that you're sipping a cup of coffee from your home while attending a 2-day extravaganza.


We move sponsors from behind a booth and give them ways to engage and interact with members in ways that matter. Give your sponsors the kind of face-time with members that they crave and pay a premium to get..


Turn a major disruption into an opportunity that really supports your members when they need you most. Deliver the kind of content and connections that they need in as little as four weeks.

Three Easy Steps

Design your conference in three simple steps
  • Select your agenda (Opening Keynote, Closing Keynote, Content Tracks)
  • Select from our list of top experts and keynote speakers to deliver content.
  • Select your date and guarantee the number of attendees.
We’ll do the rest.


We have gathered the top professionals of the innovation community, to lecture on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

9:00 am

Winning Side
of Adversity

We are feeling the pain of disruption right now! At top of mind is our health, our jobs, and being prepared for what’s next. In this highly motivational keynote filled with practical take-aways, Jenna Lancaster – Disruption Expert, shares how some of the biggest winners create opportunities out of disruption and what you can do to thrive when things suddenly come to a screeching halt.
Disruption and innovation expert well versed in finding and creating in-demand opportunities during times of adversity.

Ron Godman

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